Fuel Trailers

Fuel Trailer Hire

Fuel trailer hire provides an easy to use, rapid and safe means to transport fuel direct to machinery which can maximise site efficiencies and minimize machinery down time.

Stratquip’s hire fuel trailers are designed for heavy duty use and are capable of withstanding the harshest environments. Our fuel trailers are constructed to Australian Standards and are self-bunded for environmental safety and fuel integrity. We have a range of sizes, with an assortment of dispensing options, ready for hire.  Our hire fuel trailers are registered, on road ready and very easy to transport.

Stratquip Fuel Trailer

Fuel Trailer Hire

Our hire fuel trailers are supplied with:

  • Diesel pumping accessories
  • Spill kits
  • Correctly-sized spare tyres
  • Self-bunding
  • Fire extinguishing equipment

The Stratquip team are ready to offer advice and strategy for all of your fuel storage needs. To find out more about fuel trailer hire call us on 1300 455 195 or send through an enquiry below.