Fuel Cell Hire

Take advantage of bulk buy fuel prices and use our fuel cells to store your savings.

Stratquip Fuel Cell Storage

Bulk fuel cell storage


When the bottom line is critical, we know that every drop counts. That’s why we’ve helped many mines, oil and gas companies achieve major savings through simple measures such as implementing bulk fuel cell hire systems.

Our quality self-bunded hire cells work to reduce machine idling time and unnecessary stopping. By saving on off-circuit fuel loading, our hire cells will help to extend your equipment running time and efficiency.

Our fuel cells are easily transportable, have numerous connection points to feed multiple machines and are self-bunded for environmental safety and fuel integrity.

Bulk fuel cell benefits:

  • Easily transportable
  • Can extend equipment running time, decreasing company downtime
  • Advantageous bulk buy fuel savings
  • Convenience
  • Multiple connection points
  • Self bunded – environmentally safe
  • Various sizes available

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